Don't be Concerned with what Other People Think About You

Don’t be concerned with what other people think about you; in reality we have no idea what other people are thinking about us. And yet so much of our time can be consumed trying to second-guess what we think other people are thinking about us. This misplaced concern trims our potential; it limits us from being fully us. We’re ducking and diving listening to an inner voice telling us what to do. We’ve got no idea what other people are thinking; and who cares if they are judgmental about us. It’s just their judgment, or subjective opinion. It’s not reality.

It’s so liberating to be unconcerned by what we think other people think about us. As long as it’s not having a negative effect on people, it allows us to be unbounded, and to do whatever we need to do.

I used to side step around other people, trying to fit in with how I thought they’d think I should be or behave. Whenever I was tip-toeing around like that, I’d feel lose my confidence and even feel uncomfortable. When I started taking the ‘Don’t be concerned approach’, I experienced instant growth in my own personal capabilities. I started to function more creatively, and I approached life in a way that felt more natural and empowering.

For example, from time to time I meditate in a public place, often there are other people around, but I couldn’t care less. It’s not having a negative impact on them and it’s a particularly sweet place to mediate. There is no way I would have ever done that in the past. These days if I’m feeling uncomfortable in a social situation I politely excuse myself, compared to the past where I would persevere with feeling uneasy.

Whatever you’re doing over the next few weeks just notice if the voice in your head is telling you to do something in response to what that voice thinks other people are thinking about you. Don’t listen - do whatever you have to do.