And there's more....

This Ebook is short for a reason - one more ‘How To’ Ebook is a poor substitute for the direct experience of infinite peace, absolute joy and unconditional love.

Those who move the most dramatically towards these experiences are those of us who are the most willing to explore and discover. Your own personal commitment toward experiencing more of life is abundantly rewarded through the direct experience of:

More of truly ‘being alive’

So you don’t forget the main points to take on your journey

Determine what you most want of your self in this lifetime

Believe that it’s possible

Be willing to explore

Commit to your self to experience more

And most importantly - Enjoy the ride!


And there is always more...

If this eBook has ignited your passion to experience more we have loads of free resources on the website, all to help you take the next step, and the next step, and the next. To the most fulfilling, vibrant, loving life that you are game enough to experience! And one that we hope, that on some level, you know is possible.

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But wait, there’s more…


The Next Step

Here are two short videos to start you off.


Engaging in activities that we love doing actually reveals love and peace; it can reveal that which lies beyond thinking. When we develop a routine of doing things that we love doing, we notice how we become more calm and relaxed, and less interested in getting caught up in the drama that can come along in our life.


We met Brian in the mountains - an Aussie following his passion. Watch this video of someone who has transformed his life by doing what he loves.


and more...


Boundless Meditation

There’s no doubt that using a meditation technique is a wonderful way to ‘fast track’ your growth to staying grounded in the present moment. If you’re interested in the meditation techniques we use at Boundless, go to for more information and to see if there's a course coming up near you. Our type of meditation, 'Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas of the Bright Path', not only allows us to disengage the chatter in our head, but it magically and effortlessly dissolves stress from our nervous system and is like the ultimate health tonic! Remember: the good stuff in life can be easy.


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If you have been sent this link by a friend, sign up here to receive fortnightly videos and blogs sent straight to your inbox. ....